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Deal of the Day Vouchers

Welcome to the 'Wowcher/Living Social' Deal of the Day voucher redemption section of the ScottishLaird website. 

Here you will find the products you have bought Wowcher / Living Social vouchers for:

For other voucher types, click here.

To redeem your Wowcher / Living Social voucher

  1. Choose the relevant title by clicking on it below and visiting the product page. Add the name for Laird and/or Lady and click Add to Cart. 
  2. Then when in your cart, click 'Checkout'
    (do not choose your payment preference yet, as this will not allow you to add your voucher code).
  3. When the screen refreshes at checkout you will then have the opportunity to add your code. Once applied the price will drop to £0.00
  4. Add payment and shipping details, and P&P will be applied to the order, and then,
  5. Choose how you would like to pay and then pay.

Each voucher will redeem once, and once only. Please do not try and redeem more than one voucher at a time as the system will not accept them. 

If you have any queries, please email us at