Fishing at Dunans – Scottish Laird
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Fishing at Dunans

All our packages include rights to fish at Dunans, as well as the opportunity to fish the rest of the River Ruel. We have two pools, one just below the main falls at the bridge, and another some 60 yards downstream where the river cuts through a channel of rock and then spills out in to a deep shaded pool. These are special spots on the river and only accessible from Dunans!


Please note: With landslips occurring in the winter of 2015, access to the pools at Dunans is now impossible. We are working to create a safe access, and we anticipate a new pathway down to the river being in place by Spring 2018.

In the meantime, fishing on the Ruel is still available, and is bookable through the River Improvement Association's partnership with FishPal here:

Choose Kandahar or Tighnariddon and this will give you one of the two best beats on the bottom half of the river!