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Become Lord, Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle or of Chaol Ghleann

... and help restore Dunans Castle into a public building for events and occasions, with accommodation for you to stay in as Lord, Laird or Lady!

  • Includes your own plot of land in Argyll, Scotland
  • Allows you to use the decorative title Lord or Lady of Dunans Castle, or of Chaol Ghleann
  • Helps support a unique Scottish heritage and conservation project
  • Your own free guided tour of the project

Genuinely Scottish

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Our Decorative Titles are Ideal as gifts for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of occasions - and every single one sold helps with the restoration of Dunans Castle, the bridge and grounds.



 Dunans Castle was ruined by fire in 2001, and with your help the ScottishLaird Project, directed by Charles and Sadie Dixon-Spain, will restore the building into a public space for events and occasions with accommodation for Lairds and Ladies to come and stay. 

With the publication of our Conservation Plan for Dunans in 2014, the development of Design Concepts for the building in 2016, the ongoing maintenance and repair of the bridge (pictured below), the clearance of the building in 2019, the creation of a new woodland for carbon offset and plans to start renovations in 2025, the Lairds' and Ladies' contribution has already achieved much. 


Every Laird and Lady is entitled to take part in our very popular guided tour at Dunans (Rated 4+ stars on Tripadvisor). The tour lasts an hour and gives a real insight into the history of Dunans as well as the plans we have in hand.

There are also Special Tours, a Gift Shop and exclusive access to the Lairds' Retreat for overnight glamping stays on site.

 Your Very Own Tartan

Registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans in 2013, the Dunans Rising Tartan was designed at Bute Fabrics to reflect all facets of the project. The green background represents the grounds, the blue the Chaol Ghleann river, the fine grey the castle itself and the magenta our wonderful display of rhododendron. The tartan has been hugely popular with our Lairds and Ladies!



“This is so wonderful. This will be the perfect gift for my husband and our anniversary […] Thank you for letting us help *you* while having a great new place to visit when we visit Scotland now.”
“Thank you so much for the deeds etc.  What excellent service.  It arrived this morning and we are delighted and sure that Laird G_____ will be too!”
I’m so very happy with everything you have sent, I think [my wife is] going to be over the moon. Thanks again Charles, you’ve really helped make her birthday something great.”
“There is no particular occasion for [my purchase], it’s only because I like the concept and I think it’s a nice and original way to participate [ in ] the preservation of Dunans Castle [ … ] and a carbon-aware, ecologically-sound project.”



Deed of Entitlement
with wax seal
Title Chaol Ghleann Dunans Castle Dunans Castle Dunans Castle Dunans Castle
Square foot of land
Square foot of Castle
Laird's Letter
Plot location map
Lairds' & Ladies' Tour
Tour with Laird himself
Lairds' & Ladies Website
Right to wear exclusive Tartan
Lairds & Ladies Newsletter
Souvenir folder Option
Affiliate scheme Option Option
Electric Laird Option Option Option Option Option
Fishing rights
Personalised email
Stationery template
Tree planted
Couples option option
Upgrade to Castle Package?
Gold Membership Card
Tartan item 
Conservation Plan 
A night in the Castle
Free night in the Castle (when restored)
Price. £24+ £39+ £89 £120 £999+
Family Package (7pp)

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