Our Environmental Impact – Scottish Laird
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Our Environmental Impact


At ScottishLaird we have two aims with our packaging:

  • to ensure that our customers get their packages in pristine condition
  • to ensure that we recycle as much of our packaging as possible.

To these ends, we reuse boxes and filler we receive to send out our merchandise, we also seek recycled envelopes and bubble envelopes where possible.


All waste products are composted, eventually ending up in our vegetable and flower beds. We minimise non-recyclable waste on site.


All stationery is printed on FSC paper and our suppliers use similarly sourced materials. We print using recycled / reconditioned toner cartridges and despite our remote location recycle these as much as possible.

Deliveries & Postage

We seek to use carbon neutral delivery companies for our supplies and the post we send out. We minimise road miles as much as possible, seeking to utilise new technologies to replace long journeys.

We constantly revise our policies and welcome feedback – please email help@scottishlaird.com