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The Restoration Project

Above: the interior of Dunans Castle - the library

All sales from this site, Groupon and Gift Republic contribute to the restoration of Dunans Castle, Bridge and Grounds. The Restoration Project is a longterm endeavour, and our progress thus far could not have been achieved without the help of ScottishLaird. The core aim is to create from the ruin of Dunans Castle an events and accommodation space, which will consolidate the site's use as a visitor attraction, and in time, a wedding and conference venue.

Our team, which includes architect Robin Kent and structural engineers David Narro Associates, have already produced a comprehensive conservation plan for the site, which includes indicative costs for the entire project, as well as outline proposals for both bridge and castle. In 2014 Dunans Castle Limited published this plan as a book, Conservation Plan for Dunans: A Consultation (ISBN: 978-1-910326-01-5). For sale via this site, the plan provides the baseline for our project, and a template for moving forward.

Since we published the plan we have moved forward on several fronts, conducting investigatory works on both bridge and castle, applying for grant funding (which is still in process) and devising a draft treatment for the castle (see below) prior to making a planning application.

Our next step, which we are working on at the moment, is the production of an overall business plan for the project.

This page will be updated over time.