Testimonials – Scottish Laird
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We’ve had a lovely response from this project, and here are some of the comments from lairds, ladies and gift-givers from all over the world …

    "... credit to your team for finding such a creative and fun way to promote historic preservation. I'm a happy contributor, and it has been so wonderful to follow along with the progress that you are making."
  • "Many thanks for your help and superb service... "
  • “Thank you so much for the deeds etc.  What excellent service.  It arrived this morning and we are delighted and sure that Laird G_____ will be too!”
  • “The brochure would be terrific. I’m so very happy with everything you have sent, I think [my wife is] going to be over the moon. Thanks again Charles, you’ve really helped make her birthday something great.”
  • “There is no particular occasion for [my purchase], it’s only because I like the concept and I think it’s a nice and original way to participate [in] the preservation of Dunans Castle […] and a carbon-aware, ecologically-sound project.”
  • “It is great to see that you are restoring some of the world’s history”
  • “This is so wonderful. This will be the perfect gift for my husband and our anniversary […] Thank you for letting us help *you* while having a great new place to visit when we visit Scotland now.”
  • “We have now received the package with the beautiful documents. Thank you very much for this and for the very nice greeting card. We will also like to thank you for your lovely invitation to the castle and its beautiful surroundings. We are really looking forward to this, and hope we ar eable to come and visit soon.”
  • “Many thanks for the quick response. Also, congratulations on such a lovely website. Of the many I looked at for the gift the Dunans Castle site was by far the most polished and attractive.”
  • “… We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. Therefore we … thought that this was a very lovely and romantic gift for us.”
  • “Thank you so much. These are beautiful! I cannot wait to see the real thing! Best of luck with your restoration project.”

Tripadvisor has also been very kind - we are the number 1 visitor attraction in our area, and with 5-star reviews such as these it is hardly surprising!