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About Dunans

The first official mention of Dunans was on a map in 1590 when it was owned by Clan Lamont. Thereafter the property changes hands several times, until in 1745 the Fletchers rented and then purchased the house, which at that time was of a double fronted mansion-type.

In 1815 Thomas Telford designed and built the A listed Dunans Bridge for the John Fletcher of Dunans to celebrate the battle of Waterloo.

In 1864 Dunans House was elaborated into what is now referred to as the castle by Edinburgh-based architect Andrew Kerr and is B listed.

Associated with the castle and bridge is a designed landscape affording views to and from each building and applying the Victorian principles of the ‘sublime’ and ‘picturesque’ (Garden History Society), this landscape includes superb view of the Tallest Tree in the UK.

Dunans house lost its main roof to fire in 2001, and the ruin was purchased by the present owners in 2003.


Dunans Castle is on the Cowal Peninsula, part of Argyll and only an hour and a half by road from Glasgow. More information on how to get to us is available here.

About The ScottishLaird Project

Scottish Laird is run by Dunans Castle Limited, a company set up to renovate Dunans Castle, its bridge and the grounds in 2010, although Charles, our Managing Director, has been working on the project since December 2007.

We are based in Glendaruel, Cowal, Scotland and if you put our postcode into Google Maps the pin will drop onto the castle showing you exactly where we are (the postcode is PA22 3AD. 

Over the last five years the ScottishLaird Project has published the Conservation Plan for Dunans (which includes Castle and Bridge restoration), commissioned investigatory works and trial pits on both structures, extended the paths and signage in the grounds, and most recently, received Concept Designs and Structural Treatments for the castle, representing RIBA stage 2. Without the Scottish Laird project and the support of the Lairds and Ladies, the restoration would not be so far forward.

Our heritage and restoration team consists of Robin Kent Architecture and Conservation, David Narro Associates, Wallace + Brown Quantity Surveyors and several other consultants and professionals.

Dunans Castle Limited is a company registered in Scotland, paying its taxes in Scotland and contributing to the local economy in Argyll. We believe that any business which is so invested in Scottish Culture and Heritage should be founded and run in Scotland.

Our People

The Scottish Laird production team consists of Charles, our Managing Director, Sadie, Director of Marketing, Fiona, our Projects Development Officer and Jean, of Powanmedia.co.uk, who is our Production Manager. Merchandise and Supply Chain is managed by Susan.

The project also employs several packagers who work on a part-time basis, and include Pauline, Elise and Sian. For grounds maintenance we use the services of Stuart, who is ably assisted by Graham, Min and Steve, with occasional contributions from various volunteers.

All staff live locally.

There is more information about the project at the Dunans Castle Ltd. and the Lairds and Ladies website. Lairds and Ladies have full access to our archive of works which is extensive.