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Electric Decorative Title: An Instantaneous Gift

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ScottishLaird supply this product directly and therefore delivery is usually in the times stated.


An Electric Laird- or Ladyship! For when you need a gift immediately via email!

Our Decorative titles are the perfect gift for yourself, your family, your friends! Combining the fun of becoming entitled with support for the Dunans Castle restoration project, as well as entitling the Laird or Lady to wear the lovely Dunans Rising tartan, we think you'll get hours of fun from these titles!

The River titles are in the form "of Chaol Ghlean" and the Stone, Slate and Marble in the form "of Dunans Castle".

Simply choose the gift you wish to give, purchase it, and you will receive a link from which you can download the initial pdf package*. Then you can personalise it with the Laird or Lady's name, print it all out and present it.

Shortly afterwards (if you haven't ordered the download-only version) you’ll get the hardcopy through in the post with the signed and sealed deed of entitlement, a letter from Charles, a greeting card and much else besides. 

If you have ordered the download-only version, you'll receive the full downloadable package* for print-out shortly afterwards, including personalised deed with plot number as well as letter from the Laird himself.

We think the Electric Laird gives twice: once on the day, and once on receipt of the fully personalised copy. Happy Holidays!

  • To open and edit your electric deed please use Adobe Acrobat which is usually installed by default on PCs and Macs. The application is available from Adobe.com.
  • If you do have problems downloading the pdf, please contact us and we will email you an alternate link!
  • The difference between Slate and Stone titles is that the latter includes the planting of a tree in honour of the laird or lady. The Marble package is for a couple and includes the planting of a couple of trees.

And of course by becoming Laird or Lady with us you help the restoration of Dunans Castle, Bridge and Grounds!

Gift Cards make the perfect addition to the gift of Laird or Lady!


* The initial downloadable pdf does not include date or plot number

** The full downloadable package includes name, plot number and date. We send out these packages within one working day.

***If you are buying for a same-sex couple simply include both names in the appropriate field.

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