Decorative Title: Your Very Own Square foot of Dunans Castle (Castle P – Scottish Laird
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Decorative Title: Your Very Own Square foot of Dunans Castle (Castle Package)

  • £999.00

Become Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle and gain rights of ownership over a square foot of the castle itself. You'll be supporting phase 1 of the Restoration project - the Clearance and Consolidation of the building.

  • One Square Foot of Dunans Castle
  • Beautiful Enlarged Personalised Deed with large wax and embossed gold seals, including serial number and plot number.
  • Large Plan of Castle with your square marked and validated by the ScottishLaird team
  • Gold Membership ID Card – personalised withyour name and title
  • Signed copy of Conservation Plan for Dunans, published in 2014
  • Signed copy of The Clearance and Consolidation of Dunans Castle, to be sent out when published .
  • Dunans Tartan item (tie, tam, scarf or teddy bear).

The Castle Package Gold ID membership card ensures:

  • Early-bird Access to Booking Accommodation in the Restored Castle
  • One night half-price for a 2 night (or longer) stay in the Restored Castle
  • The Laird’s Gala – a personal invite to an annual gala evening once phase one has been completed.
  • The Laird’s Tour – a personal tour of the project with the Laird (Charles) or Lady (Sadie). To book please email
  • Permanent 10% discount on all products on the website.
  • 15% discount on any event or stay booked between the launch of the Castle package and the full restoration of the castle

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