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Photo of Your Square Foot

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ScottishLaird supply this product directly and therefore delivery is usually in the times stated.


Here it is! Our most requested product - a proper photo of your own square foot. For all those who just can't get to Scotland, or have, but forgot to take a photo, or are planning to but want to see their plot before coming!

We take the photo of your square foot - with the castle in the background if possible - and mark where your land is on the photo and send it to you!

Let us have your name, title and, most importantly, your plot number, and we can make this a truly personalised picture. 

Pictures can show one or more plots depending on the package you have - but couples and families can have either photos of individual's plots, or all the plots together! Entirely up to you - just make sure the plots are adjacent to each other !!!

We will also send a downloadable version of the picture for immediate gifting within 3-5 working days. Or you can choose the downloadable-only version – which has the same delivery time.

We think you are going to love it!!

You can choose A5 (c. 6" x 8"), large A4 (c. 8" x 11.5") or super-large A3 (c. 11.5" x 16")

Things to know:

1. The photos will be chosen from our extensive library, or we will go and take a new photo. In either case we will send you as picturesque photo as possible. We will also try and get castle or bridge in the background!

2. The square foot marked will be as close to the GPS as we can make it given the constraints we are working with, but when you visit Dunans you will definitely recognise the spot!

3. We use gloss photo-ready paperstock for these images and a high-resolution printer so the picture should look great.

4. The photo will be sent in a boardbacked envelope, or in the case of a super-large A3 in a tube.

5. Order early because each of these pictures is a bespoke project which the Laird himself will be creating and it may take 7 days to artwork, print, pack and send out. 

6. We cannot offer refunds on this product other than for non-arrival or damage.

7. You, or the person you are gifting this to, has to have decorative title from us!