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Castle Package

As you will no doubt be aware all of our Title packages include rights of ownership of a square foot of land in the grounds of Dunans Castle. Those rights mean that you become entitled to use a decorative title. What if, instead of a square foot of pasture, you exercised those rights over a square foot of the castle ?

As with our other titles, these rights are in perpetuity, heritable and provide you with a permanent connection to Dunans Castle, as well as the right to call yourself Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle!

The package includes

  • One Square Foot of Dunans Castle 

  • Beautiful Enlarged Personalised Deed with large wax and embossed gold seals, including serial number and plot number.

  • Large Plan of Castle with your square marked and validated by the ScottishLaird team

  • Gold Membership ID Card  - personalised with your name and title

  • Signed copy of  Conservation Plan for Dunans, published in 2014

  • Signed copy of  The Clearance and Consolidation of Dunans Castle, to be sent out when published .

  • Dunans Tartan item (tie, tam or scarf)!

The Castle Package Gold ID membership card ensures:
  • Early-bird Access to Booking Accommodation in the Restored Castle

  • One night half-price for a 2 night (or longer) stay in the Restored Castle

  • The Laird’s Gala - a personal invite to an annual gala evening once phase one has been completed.

  • The Laird’s Tour - a personal tour of the project with the Laird (me) or Lady (Sadie)

  • Permanent 10% discount on all products on the website

  • 15% discount on any event or stay booked between the launch of the Castle package and the full restoration of the castle

For existing Lairds and Ladies to upgrade, click here!


And of course rights to the Dunans Rising tartan, fishing in Alt a' Chaol Ghleann and the Lairds and Ladies normal tour remain yours! 

Presented in a beautiful red gift box with magnetic clasp and ribbon, the deed and map are rolled together and bound by ribbon. Conservation Plan, Membership Card and Dunans Rising tartan item are included, and the second signed book, The Clearance and Consolidation of Dunans Castle, will be sent on afterwards.