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Carbon Neutralise Your Purchase

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION are delighted to offer a carbon offset for your purchases on this website. Obviously, we minimise our carbon footprint on all elements of our business, but we wanted to offer you the opportunity to neutralise the carbon footprint of your purchase, and therefore help mitigate global warming, establish a new Scottish Temperate Rainforest and contribute to a carbon neutral restoration of Dunans Castle!  

Your carbon credit of 1kg, 10kgs, 100kgs will be recorded at, and if you purchase a tonne, we will add a full Carbon Credit certificate package to your purchase.

  • 1kg will fully offset all emissions for your package
  • 10kgs will offset all emissions, plus another 9 purchases from sites across the internet, or to put it another way 23 miles or 35 kilometers in a car 
  • 100kgs covers 230 miles or 350 kilometres in a car, as well as your purchase.
  • one tonne gives you over two thousand miles in a car or around 4,000 flying miles, as well as your purchase.

If you order a gift or package that we fulfill we will include a card with your parcel. If you order a product shipped from elsewhere we will send a virtual confirmation.

For more information on our carbon offset scheme, please visit