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Personalised Compliment Slips

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ScottishLaird supply this product directly and therefore delivery is usually in the times stated.


200 super personalised Comp. slips for our Lairds and Ladies, showing off your very own "Dunans Rising" tartan! These cards are 210mm x 99mm, printed on quality paper, with your details and Dunans Rising logo on one side, and the tartan logo!

We take the hassle out of printing your Comp. Slips by doing it for you (rather than downloading the free templates at the Lairds' and Ladies' website and commissioning your own print job).

The designs are exactly the same, but you can be assured of both the quality and the timeliness of delivery.

We will use your billing address for the stationery, unless you wish us to different details

If we have any queries we'll get back to you!