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All Our Tartans

We love tartan at ScottishLaird, so much that we made our own - Dunans Rising. But here, due to lots of requests are tartans related to Dunans from other clans.

Fletcher of Dunans Modern - the original tartan registered at Dunans by the clan who lived onsite for over two-and-a-half centuries
Rob Roy MacGregor Ancient - Links between the Fletchers and Rob Roy are not far-fetched and relate to a shared interest in droving.

The Stewarts of Appin are the Clan referenced in the LeChadhu Insignia on the curtain wall at Dunans. Lechadhu means together and yet separate indicating a martial alliance between Fletchers and Stewarts. The MacGregor Modern tartan doesn't have quite the simplicity of Rob Roy's Ancient, but is seen more often in the Glens and Communities around Dunans.
The Burns Check - We're fans of Rabbie at Dunans, so much so that our Lady Laird has published a play for voices for Scottish Schools called the Alloway Rap - he has also supplied the song for many a wedding at Dunans Macbeth Modern - We've had many of the bard's plays at Dunans, including the Tempest and Midsummer Night's Dream, but our favourite has to be the Scottish Play – always extraordinary in the grounds of a ruined castle. For more information click here.

Tartan Hearts for everyone

There's the Dunans Rising version, as well as Rob Roy MacGregor's Ancient Tartan Heart and the Fletcher of Dunans Heart.
We love them and think you will too!

Campbell of Cawdor Ancient tartan is the most popular Argyll Clan tartan, not least because it is used as the official Cowal Highland Games tartan. Colonel Fletcher was often seen wearing this tartan the games in Dunoon. Thompson Ancient Hunting is a tartan that the present Laird grew up with as part of his family background. The striking earth tones have always been a favourite.
The Buchanan Modern tartan is the tartan of the present Laird.
The MacDonald Modern tartan is the tartan of the present Lady Laird.
The Stewart Modern Dress tartan Campbell of Argyle Modern
The Ancient Tartan of the Lamont Clan - a family stripped of land and privilege by the Campbells, including Dunans and the lands surrounding. MacNab Modern Tartan relates to the mother and grandmother of Angus Fletcher (IVth), both of whom were from the clan
MacPhail Red Tartan Hay Ancient Tartan
Fletcher Modern Tartan