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The Next Step at Dunans: A New Welcome!

Posted by Charles Dixon-Spain on

If you are a subscriber to the ScottishLaird Newsletter (here) you will already know that we are planning big things at Dunans this year. One of these is a new reception and office building at the top of the drive which we will be making out of recovered containers. 

This sustainable, carbon-neutral and highly-efficient new building will mean we can welcome all our Lairds and Ladies when they arrive, we can also ensure they are properly parked up and nice and dry while they wait for their tour ... or their picnic ... or their cup of delightful Dunans tea ... or even to be shown where their plot is on our plot finder app.

But its not all about our community. Its also about the bridge.  And the castle. While the siting of the new installation will not intrude on the setting of either of our listed buildings, the bridge will benefit because with a reception and office at the drivehead delivery vans and lorries won't be tempted to cross. With less traffic over the Telford-designed A-listed span, repairs and maintenance can progress unimpeded. 

As for the castle, one of the issues our Health and Safety consultants highlighted was the possibility of unaccompanied access to the ruin. We've partially solved this with signage and fencing, but there will always be a visitor who thinks erroneously that H&S applies only to others. This risk, among others means that we can reassure both contractors and insurers that no unauthorised access will happen, and that all visitors will be accompanied. 

Subject to planning approval this is the first of several big developments in 2019, and this is the one on which all the others depend! More of these exciting developments soon!

Here are the initial drafts:

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  • I was there 2 years ago & it was so nice with a great young guy telling us all about the history of the castle. Your new ideas are so wonderful & will add so much to the visit. I will be coming back hopefully in Sept. again. Thanks so much for your birthday wishes to me. Good luck 👍…

    Deanne Pollum on
  • To Laird Charles Dixon-Spain:
    I am so proud of your insight into uour ability to take on projects that assist all the supporters of Dunnans Castle to Restore and blend Scotch History with and the needs of the supporting Community.
    Please allow me to ask for communication to establish a way for any interested person to make special Dunnan’s Donations aimed specifically at making this Project a financial reality. Im very interested in the reception building but know the complete picture described is of Great Importance for the future of this Grand Tribute to the place of many of our Ancestory or the Love and Romance associated with bringing Dunnans Castle to its’ Rightful Place as a Premier Example of what we can accomplish together.
    Please provide a way for the discussion of monthly or quarterly donations and use of Paypal as a vehicle to help interested Lairds and Ladies to efficiently assist in making this dream a reality.
    Respectfully Laird Stephen Archer – 2014
    ( my line of Archers moved from England to Scotland in 1440 AD. Alexander Archer moved from his plantation in Northern Ireland in 1768 to South Carolina in the English Colonies. Never forget where you came from or your Dreams)

    Laird Stephen Archer on

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