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Packaging ScottishLaird’s Most Prestigious Decorative Title

Posted by Dixon-Spain on

Graphic and product design has always been a passion of mine, particularly in relation to restoring Dunans (of course!). Our new red boxes are spectacularly lovely, and I just wanted to share the design (and the rest of the package) which includes a square foot of the castle itself. If we can sell every square foot of the castle, we will be able to restore the building fully. So that’s the target for the next 12 months or so.

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  • To All Interested Friends,
    Im very interested in the Red Box Phase 1, as a way to make my giftthe most effective in Restoring Dunans Castle, that I have been apart of since 2014.
    My Plan is before 12-31-2019.
    I hope many will join me.
    Laird Stephen Archer

    Stephen Otis Archer on

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